7th  and 8th November , 2020

About the Event

Whatever you do be different! Nothing could be truer for women entrepreneur and leaders of today who are chartering unknown territories unabashedly and fearlessly. In the world where gender diversity and equality are gaining more importance, we need more such platforms and events as our Women Business And Leadership Conference. Simultaneously, the launch of Uttar Pradesh Entrepreneurship Council of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) that aims to bring about fundamental changes in government policies, laws and incentives with a view to robustly exhort and empower women in business, industry and make them financially independent.

Be it in ecommerce, education, investing, travel, fashion retail, fitness, hiring anything and everything under the sun, women are proceeding with gumption and unbridled enthusiasm to change the world around them, make a difference with their ideas, leadership, giving solution that have never been given, fight diseases, bringing change in society, running successful ventures and generating employment opportunity for many empowering each other and giving rise to new sustainable ecosystem.

At our event we will have women and leaders from all across the world from different fraternities where we will discuss to know the Impact & Influence of Women Entrepreneurs in the Industry. With each and every women scripting her own success story, fighting her own battles in most unique way in today’s new age world we aim to bring to you the journey of these dynamic Indian women, who have set benchmarks in their chosen areas. Join us on 7th and 8th November  2020, for our exclusive talk show where we will celebrate, appreciate and empower women.

The Objective

With the growing economy there is a parallel surge in the number of startups and new businesses in the country and Indian women have always been ambitious towards entrepreneurship. We through our platform will inspire, motivate and sharpen the entrepreneurship and leadership skills of the change makers of the society.

The conference will bring together global business leaders, Senior Government officials and the core management staff under the same roof to discuss the strategies to empower women community across the nation for their financial independency.

Our major focus will be on Women Skill Development, Education, Entrepreneurship and Women Leadership.